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Submission of proposals
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SIEM is an annual meeting of the Research Working Group of the Portuguese Association of Teachers of Mathematics (APM). To be held at Escola Secundária Quinta das Flores, Coimbra, from OCTOBER 6 to 7, 2012, this Seminar provides a meeting point for the research community in mathematics education, to express, share and discuss ideas, past or ongoing work. It also aims at promoting a connection between research in mathematics education and mathematics teaching.

XXIII SIEM will have three different Plenary Lectures. Traditionally SIEM welcomes a foreign guest, a national guest and a young researcher (recently doctorate in Mathematics Education). It will also have a Thematic Panel presentation that aims at promoting a research project in mathematics education, whose outcomes are relevant to both teachers and researchers. The Seminar will have five different Symposia each one with a specific theme and, possibly, with several sessions, depending on the number of accepted papers. SIEM will also include Poster presentations, resulting either from the submission of poster proposals or from the recommendations of the reviewers. The posters will be displayed in the coffee-break area so that the authors can discuss them with the other participants.


Note: Members of Societies related to FISEM pay the same registration fee as APM´s members.

Submission of proposals

Submission of paper and poster proposals should be addressed to the Organizers by email:






Paper proposal:

- Submit your proposal until June 17, 2012. Please refer to the Seminar´s paper template (Word file, up to 25,000 characters including spaces).

- Oral presentations will be allocated a total of 20 minutes (15 minutes presentation, followed by 5 minutes for discussion). Chairs and co-chairs will ultimately decide the total of time allocated to each presentation, depending on the number of proposals accepted in each session.

- Notification of acceptance until July 15, 2012.






Poster proposal:

- Submit your extended abstract until June 17, 2012. Please refer to the Seminar´s poster template (Word file, up to 5,000 characters including spaces)

- Posters will be displayed by the coffee-break area. A time slot will be allocated for authors to discuss their work with the other participants.

- Notification of acceptance until July 15, 2012.


The authors must submit a regular version of their proposal according to the Seminar’s template, and a second version, without any element that may identify them. Please, specify the Symposium that best fits your contribution:

S1: Numbers and Operations;

S2: Geometry and Measurement;

S3: Algebra and algebraic thinking;

S4: Probability and statistical reasoning;

S5: Mathematical Communication, Problem Solving and Reasoning.


The accepted papers will be published in the electronic proceedings of the Seminar.



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